Abouts us

AGRIMOD Ltd was legally registered in 2024, our global office is hosted by Democratic Republic of the Congo in South Kivu Province, Bukavu/DRC.

WHy us ?

how we started and what motivates us

Climate issues create a strong threaten towards food security and the sustainable development of Democratic Republic of the Congo, particurlaly in the province of South-Kivu and the World in general. Climate compulsion provokes the low in agricultural outputs and productivity to 40%. The agriculture which is the most affected represents 45% of Gross National Product (GNP) and occupies 80% of the population.

 We develop a passage or transition towards innovation, productivity system that use inputs effeciently and are stable in the productivity and resilient to risks, chocs and to the climate variability of long term in the poorest communities or rural areas.

We work with adult workers who are engaged in the agricultural sector. Generally, on a family and rudimentary scale. Our main focus is on local farmers in different rural areas in South-Kivu by putting into account Climate and Smart Agricultural innovations, technologies and practices; such as crop management practices, agriculture and water management, soil management (resilience of bio-fertilizers), resilient seed varieties, net houses, Climate Smart Agriculture mechanization technologies and services.

Our work focuses on vulnerable communities impacted by the effects of climate change, for instance, old people, women, youth, children, indigenous people and other traditionally underserved and minority groups.

Our Mission

Our mission is to impact the community through new approaches to smart agriculture and resilience climate adaptation in order to put into practice the various innovative technics and technologies towards effects of climate change.

Our Vision

Implementation of resilient technics of Climate Smart Agriculture mechanization technologies and services, empowerment of vulnerable people impacted by the effects of climate change in the poorest communities and rural areas or underserved communities, contribution to the sustainable development of underserved communities by boosting productivity through the use of bio-fertilizers system.

The Agrimod Team

Onesphore Cirhuza

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Daniel Rubambura

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Rehema Mapendo

Chief Finance Officer

Sarah Chishibanji

Program officer

Ibrahim Wilondja

Development Director & Co-founder

Tranquille Kulondwa

Talent Acquisition Specialist

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